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Felt “Count Down” Garland

December 1, 2010

Remember making paper “count down” garlands during the holidays when you were a kid?  I know I do!  This is our “green” version to be used year after year:

First, my apologies, I meant to take step-by-step photos…

Fortunately, this is a fairly simple project and I doubt crafty-minded folk like yourselves will need too much instruction.


  • felt in various colors
  • velcro (aplix)
  • chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)
  • scissors
  • hot glue (could also use other glue)
  • hot glue gun
  • any other desired decor for base


  1. After deciding how many days/links you want in your count down chain, cut as many same size strips out of your felt.  I decided to have 24 “days” in my count down chain.  So, I cut 24 strips each 1 inch wide out of 4 different colors of felt (6 of each color).
  2. Cut pieces of velcro so that they will fit neatly onto the ends of your felt strips.  I cut 24 pieces for each of my 24 strips.  I also cut a 25th piece of velcro to place on the base at the top of my chain (in this case, a tree).
  3. Glue the velcro pieces onto the ends of the felt strips so that when hooked, the felt will form a circle (a link).
  4. Use your felt strips to create a chain.  I used red, green, blue, and yellow strips, keeping them in this order as I created my chain.
  5. Design and decorate a “base” to attach your chain.  Depending on the event your “count down” is leading to, this could be anything!  I chose a tree, but some other ideas might include a birthday cake, anniversary rings, or any other special event!  Be sure to glue a piece of velcro to your base for attaching your chain.
  6. Secure a length of pipe cleaner on the back of your base (to hang).
  7. Attach your chain to your base and let the anticipation begin!

I think it might be nice to keep a basket near by to collect your family’s “days” as you count down.  This might also be a fun way to work in counting and number games with older kiddos!  Enjoy!


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