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Tutorial: Wrap Scrap Ribbon Blanket

April 19, 2012

I’m not sure I should call this a “tutorial” so much as a quick explanation, but here it goes:

Having a woven wrap converted to a ring sling is a pretty common occurence in the babywearing community.  Not only do you get a gorgeous ring sling, it’s likely to be quite supportive as well!  A few weeks ago I had a sling made and was left with this beautiful wrap scrap.  I’ve always been curious about “sensory blankets” but haven’t found one made of materials I’d actually want my babe to cuddle up to.  What to do?  Make my own, of course!


  • wrap scrap (mine is from a Didymos Wildrose Indio)
  • ribbon (mine is a woven silk)
  • thread, sewing machine, scissors, the usual notions…

Quick Instructions:
(Most of you can probably tell by looking at it how it’s made, clever mamas that you are!)

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric to the same dimensions
  2. Place them with right sides facing and place folded pieces of ribbon between the two pieces of fabric with the cut ends poking out just a bit.
  3. Sew along all edges stopping short just a bit before completely sewing your sandwich together.  It is very  important to go over each of the ribbons a couple of times to be sure they are secure!
  4. Flip the sandwich right side out and stitch along all edges, closing up the hole as you go.  (I used a zig zag stitch here.)
  5. Ta-da!  Done!


  • This is not meant for baby to sleep with.
  • Please check your blanket regularly for wear and tear.  You want to always be sure that the ribbons are nice and secure!  Along those lines, it’s also important to keep the ribbons quite short for safety.


One Comment leave one →
  1. Valerie permalink
    September 11, 2012 9:30 pm

    Such a pretty material!


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