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Felt Dinosaur Mask Tutorial

July 13, 2013


O turned four a couple of weeks ago and we had a little party to celebrate.  Like so many other four year old boys and girls, he loves dinosaurs!  Rather than party hats for our celebration, I whipped up these little dino masks.  The kids loved them!


  • pattern  (I used this one.)
  • felt
  • thread
  • elastic (12″ or so)
  • heavy paper or cardboard
  • sewing machine or needle to hand-stitch
  1. Print out mask and use the paper as a template to make a pattern on heavy paper or cardboard, something that will stand up to being traced multiple times.  I re-purposed a sturdy mailing envelope.
  2. Make four pieces for your pattern:  one of the overall shape and three horns.  I cut the mouth/nose piece out entirely so it would be more comfortable for the children to wear.
  3. Trace the pattern pieces onto your felt.  I used a water-soluble pen.  Trace two of the overall shape and one of each of the three horns for a total of five pieces.  I made the fronts and backs of the masks different colors but you may, of course, do whatever strikes your fancy.
  4. Stitch the horns to the front of the mask.  I did this by hand with embroidery thread but I made some with machine stitching as well.
  5. Stitch the front and back of the mask together.  I found it best to do the eyes first.  Be sure to place the ends of your elastic on either side of the mask, between the front and back pieces of felt.  Stitch back and forth over the ends of the elastic a couple of times to make sure it is secure.
  6. Give and enjoy!

PS  Writing this up makes me realize I’ve yet to fix the tutorial links in the right sidebar.  I’ll get to it soon.  Promise!


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