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Knitted Cupcakes Pattern

June 20, 2011

Remember these cupcakes from last week?

click photo for ravelry details

With permission from the designer, I’m very pleased to now be able to share with you and in-the-round version of the original pattern.  The results are the same, just with less purling and seaming.

Cake Glorious Cake
click for original pattern

4 mm needles, aran weight yarn
Carrie’s Note:  I used size 6 needles, mostly worsted weight yarn, and wool stuffing.

Start with cake color
Cast on 6 st
Mark beginning of round and join
row 1: (KFB) 5 times, K1 – 11st
row 2: K
row 3: (K1, KFB) 5 times, K1 – 16st
row 4: K
row 5: (K2, KFB) 5 times, K1 – 21st
row 6-7: K
row 8: P
row 9-10: K
row 11: K4, (KFB, K6)x 2, KFB, K2 – 24st
row 12-14: K
row 15: K4 (KFB, K6)x 2, KFB, K5 – 27st
row 16: K
row 17: (K4, KFB) x 5, K2 – 32st
row 18: K
row 19: K6, (KFB, K8) x 2, KFB, K7 – 35st
row 20: K

Break yarn and join icing color
row 21-22: K
row 23: (K8, K2tog) x 3, K5 – 32st
row 24: K
row 25: (K4, K2tog) x 5, K2 – 27st
row 26: K
row 27: (K2tog) x 13, K1 – 14st
row 28: (K2tog) to end – 7st
Pass thread through stitches and pull tight.

Carrie’s Note:  I left the chocolate button off and followed the directions for the cupcake liner as written.  The following are the original instructions from BeeKnits

Chocolate button
CO 6st
Starting with P, stst 8 rows. Thread yarn through stitches and round edges of work. Pull tightly to make ball. Sew onto cake, passing the thread through to bottom of cake to fasten off to give a little ‘dip’ in the centre of the cake.

Sew straight stitches randomly on top for ‘sprinkles’

Using icing colour, Cast on 9st.
garter st 60 rows, Cast off.
Pick up and knit 28 stitches on row ends.
row 1: P
row 2: (K4, K2tog) x 4, K4 – 24st
row 3: P
row 4: (K2 K2tog) to end – 18st
row 5: P
row 6: K2tog to end – 9st
Thread yarn through stitches and pull up tight. Sew sides of case together.

There you have it!  Quick, easy, and oh-so-cute!
Many thanks to Bee for allowing me to share her pattern.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 20, 2011 12:44 pm

    So so cute Carrie!

  2. June 21, 2011 1:16 pm

    Very cute! Wish I could knit…

  3. June 23, 2011 4:16 pm

    Thanks for writing the pattern in the round, I have been meaning to do it for ages. I wrote the original pattern when I had recently started knitting and hadnt mastered the dpns yet.



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