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DIY Fairy Wands

November 24, 2014


I’ve been working away on preparations for my favorite girl’s upcoming third birthday.  In our usual style of giving handmade favors at our birthday parties, we made glittery play dough and fairy wands for N’s Sugarplum Fairy inspired party this year.  To make the play dough we used this recipe with just a few changes (almond oil instead of veg oil and the addition of 1 tsp or so of peppermint extract).  We also skipped any food coloring and added blue, pink, white, and silver glitter to the flour when mixing the dough.  For the wands, I pretty much did this, but I used glitter tape (washi tape) on the wands rather than spray paint.  The results are magical!

Do you DIY party favors?  Any favorites?

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