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An informational page in progress.  Thank you for your patience!

A November Morning Waldof-Inspired Doll is made from all natural materials, organics when I’m able. Her skin is cotton interlock knit made especially for doll-making, imported from and made in the European Union. This fabric is Oeko-Tex certified free of harmful chemicals. All seams are carefully sewn at least twice. Your doll is stuffed with clean sheep’s wool, which is lovely to snuggle and will hold the comforting smells of home. Her hair is a wool and mohair wig cap handmade by me with yarns made especially for doll hair. Cotton embroidery floss is used to create that sweet face and the rosy glow of her cheeks is achieved with the help of a non-toxic beeswax crayon (Stockmar). Freckles are made with an archival ink pen.

November Morning Rag Dolls are also made from natural materials.  The fabric used for skin is a quality linen / cotton blend, stuffed with corn fiber fill.  Usually a rag doll’s hair is made of wool felt, but I’m willing to consider eco-felt for the vegans among us.  Strips of various fabrics and yarn can also be used.  Cotton embroidery floss is used to create a simplistic but friendly face with just a touch of non-toxic beeswax crayon for the cheeks.


Prices for Waldorf-inspired dolls vary depending on size and materials. The basic price includes the doll, one outfit, along with a knitted item and shoes. Dolls with wefted hair are typically $30 or so more. Dolls with art yarn hair or wefted locks for hair will cost more, depending on the cost of materials and amount of work involved. Additional clothing is also an option, prices vary depending on garment and materials.

Classic 16″ November Morning Doll:  $170

A more traditional waldorf doll.  Legs and body are one piece with arms sewn in and a traditional rolled head.

14″ NMD Dandelion Doll:  $170

A “waldorf-inspired” doll that sits independently.  Some soft sculpture to the face along with a bum and belly button.

  • with a mohair weft wig:  $200
  • with art yarn: dependent upon chosen yarns and work involved
  • with loose locks:  dependent upon choice of fiber and work involved

18″ NMD Sunshine Doll:  $210

A “waldorf-inspired” doll that sits independently.  Some soft sculpture to the face along with a bum and belly button.

  • with a mohair weft wig:  $240
  • with art yarn: dependent upon chosen yarns and work involved
  • with loose locks:  dependent upon choice of fiber and work involved

17″ baby style doll ~ to be announced

Prices for 17″ November Morning Rag Dolls start at $85.  As most NMD Rag Dolls are presented as “ready to go”, the pricing varies much less than the frequent custom pricing of the “waldorf-inspired” dolls.  A doll with extras or with clothing made from more expensive materials may cost more.

Love & Care for all November Morning Dolls:
Firstly, please do not be afraid to have fun with your doll! That’s what dolls are for! Secondly, please inspect your doll regularly for wear and tear. Immediately repair anything that could potentially pose a hazard (including but not limited to loose buttons and strands of hair).

If your doll should need to be cleaned, most smudges can be taken care of with a gentle soap and a soft cloth. (I would try blue Dawn dish soap, personally.) For more serious soil, your doll can have a water bath much like you would give a hand-knitted wool garment. Just fill a sink with luke warm (not hot!) water along with a mild soap, perhaps one made for wools might be best, and soak your doll. After you have drained the water, gently squeeze the excess from your doll’s limbs and body taking extra care not to wring or twist. A gentle touch is important so that the wool stuffing is not felted in the bathing process! You may also wish to roll your doll in a clean towel to remove even more moisture. Let your doll lay out to air-dry fully. This may take a few days. Please never machine wash or dry your doll.

I recommend hand-washing and air-drying all of your doll’s clothing, especially hand-knit garments.

Your doll’s wig cap may shed a bit, especially at first. This is normal due to the natural mohair fibers used in making her hair.

If your doll’s cheeks should lose their rosy glow, this can be remedied by gently rubbing a bit of beeswax crayon on a piece of scrap fabric and then gently applying it to your doll’s cheeks until you have the look you want.

Over time your doll may begin to show normal signs of wear. So long as there are not safety issues, do not worry. This evidence of a well-loved friend in no way detracts from the beauty of your doll and only serves to remind you how precious she truly is. With a little bit of care (and sometimes repair), your doll should last for years!

Due to but not limited to potential buttons and long strands of hair, November Morning Dolls are not suitable for very young children, children under three, or children that still mouth their toys.

If you have any questions about the care of your doll, please contact me.

I only take a few custom spots a year.  This allows me time to give each doll my full attention but also time to work on other ideas as well.  If you are in the market for a custom, please plan ahead!  Thank you!

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Thank you for choosing handmade!
Carrie McClain Baker

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  1. June 16, 2015 2:59 pm

    Beautiful and we can see they are made with love! All the best :)
    Sara Neves


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