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A Birthday Gift

January 10, 2016


On December 26th, N turned four.  I have so much to say about that and am gathering my thoughts into coherent sentences to be shared with you soon.  For now, this is the shawl I gifted to her.  Often finding her with my own shawl folded in half and wrapped around her wee shoulders, it seemed high time she had one of her own.

This yarn might possibly be the most delicious stuff I’ve ever knit with.  This shawl might possibly be the the prettiest thing I’ve ever knit.  Perfect for my girl.  The yarn is a yak, silk, merino blend purchased at a Fiber Festival I attend each year with a friend.  It is soft, silky, and perfectly twisted. The pattern is Multnomah, which lends itself perfectly to variegated or semisolid yarns.  Honestly, I sometimes avoid variegated yarns.  They make me nervous and don’t always behave.  This time though, this time pattern and yarn came together as though they were meant to be, just for my darling.  So lovely.

Ravelry notes here.

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