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November 23, 2015



Each year, just before Thanksgiving, our school preprimary classes celebrate community, peace, and generosity with Stone Soup.  The first year O attended, we liked the idea so much we started making our own stone soup at home.  We’ve used the same stone each year and it lives in our spice cupboard between Novembers.  It’s a nice reminder of gratitude whether grabbing the cinnamon in September or the pepper in July.

Today, realizing we’ve now been in our home for four years, I’m spending a lot of time reflecting.  Reflecting and feeling so grateful for this path that certainly hasn’t always been smooth but has become more clear the longer we’ve crept and, yes, sometimes trudged along.  Grateful for this life we’ve carved and created for ourselves, for the people that have helped us along the way, and today especially, for the warm, comfortable home we have to celebrate in.  Ours will be a small but joyful Thanksgiving this year.  No matter where you are or your circumstances, I hope you are also finding some peace and gratitude during these last weeks of 2015 and looking forward with contentment and hope.


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