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A Well Loved Doll: Margaret

November 11, 2015


Oh, I’m feeling all the feelings writing this post.  I want to tell you how absolutely loved this doll has been, even more than I could have ever hoped.  Perhaps that second photo gives you an idea?  (Perhaps the photo also gives you an idea that this was, in fact, the first doll I made?)

N’s beloved doll, Margaret, has needed a good deal of love and care for some time now.  I’ve put it off again and again, afraid that repair would change her too much, make her a different doll.  Once her stuffing starting coming out on it’s own, I knew I couldn’t put it off much longer and got to work.

I can’t tell you how my heart went pitter patter as I cut into the tattered, running fabric.  Or how I worried my girl wouldn’t recognize her most loved friend.  Knowing what must be done, I went forth.  I sewed a new skin ahead of time so that once I started to take Margaret apart, I could get her back together as quickly as possible.  I stuffed the new skin firmly, using as much of the original wool as possible.  Margaret’s head is also the original but her old hair no longer fit once the new skin was on.  Fortunately, I still had the original skein, and I crocheted new hair in the span of an evening.

As I have learned many new techniques and skills since the making of this first doll, it was difficult not to make “improvements” while repairing Margaret.  The only changes I made were those that would make the doll more durable, such as the use of a different (thicker) brand fabric for the skin and a smaller needle for the sewing (no more runs, thankyouverymuch).  Most importantly, I tried to keep Margaret true to herself and familiar to N.

Truth be told, I’m almost embarrassed to show you what became of Margaret over the span of just a couple of years.  Yet, I’m also proud.  Some of the dolls I make are purchased as collectables, and that is wonderful.  How flattering!  Some of the others are purchased as companions and these are the dolls that are the most precious, in my opinion.  These dolls that may one day end up stained and looking a little worse for wear,  openly displaying years of play and snuggles and illnesses and holidays and regular days too.  I also think it’s important to show how this style doll can keep being over time and continue to be loved and repaired for many years.

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