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A November Morning Makeover: Melina

October 1, 2015


Hello, friends, do you remember Max from earlier this year?  Well, Max recently came by for a visit and a makeover.  The amusing thing about Max is when I first starting making him, I thought he was going to be a girl.  He turned out to be a boy.  A few months and a new home later found him wanting to be a girl again.  (Some dolls sure are fickle!)

So, now, please allow me to introduce you to Melina.  Melina is much like Max except she prefers long Autumnal tresses to his short fuzzy look.  Long hair or short, it certainly is hard to resist those adorable freckles!

I can’t believe it’s getting to be that time again, but I’m starting to write lists and take a long look at my holiday making plans.  The last custom spot of the year will be available through the weekend.  After that I’ll be focusing on making for family and friends and the holiday season fast approaching!  I hope to have a few seasonal items in the shop but as far as customs go, this is the last for 2015!

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