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Sir Grayson: A Handmade Cloth Doll

September 17, 2015


Grayson is a bit of a serious boy.  Some might even venture to say he’s grumpy.  Who could blame him?  He has much to do with protecting the kingdom from dragons and whatnot.  There isn’t a whole lot of time for frivolity, if you ask him.

What’s that?  You can see soft fuzzy flannel foxes peeking out from the reversible side of his overalls?  No matter.  I guess even the most serious of knights have a cuddly side too.

Sir Grayson is an 18″ handmade cloth doll.  He wears reversible overalls, a hand-knitted vest, cap, and boots.  He also has a felt shield to keep dangers at bay.  His hair is a mohair weft crocheted into a cap and firmly attached to his darling little head.  Grayson has brown eyes and the most dear little pout.  He is firmly stuffed with sheep’s wool and though you can’t see them, all the usual dimply details are there.

Sir Grayson has already found a home but should you be looking for a November Morning Doll of your own, I do have one custom spot left this year.  That right, one for the rest of 2015.  (I can’t believe we’re moving into Fall already, can you?)  My online shop can be found here and a direct link to the October custom is here.  Thanks, friends!

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