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Handmade Cloth Dolls: Addie & Lottie

July 23, 2015


These two were so much fun to photograph, it was a struggle to stop!  Of course, you’ve met Lottie before.  I’m now pleased to introduce her sister, Addie!  Both dolls are 14″ are from my new Dandelion style  pattern.  They are shaped much the same as the 18″ Sunshine style but a bit chubbier in proportion, more like a toddler than a child.

As I sent these two off to their new home this week, I spent some time reflecting on how it feels to let the dolls go after having spent so much time with them.   I do feel a bit sad, but I also feel a touch lighter, relief almost.  When dolls go off to new homes, not only do they leave to where they truly belong (I’m only the maker, after all), but they leave some space behind.  This isn’t just space in my studio (ha!), but also creative space.  Once one doll has moved on, there is room for another to come to life and that is a wonderful feeling.

If you are looking for a November Morning Doll of your own, I do have just a couple of custom spots left this year.  Right Now in the shop, there is one spot for August and one spot for September.  The dolls can be either 14″ or 18″, just please send me a message or make a note when you pay your deposit.  The deposit is the same for both sizes.  I’ll add a spot for October in the coming weeks and that will be the last custom of the year.  Can you believe it?

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  1. July 23, 2015 3:31 pm

    So cute


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