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Modern Rag Dolls & Little Birds

June 12, 2015


Hello, friends!

I have just a few updates for you this morning.  First, I’m planning an upload to the Etsy shop next Thursday, June 18th, at 8pm.  The upload has been postponed a few days so that I’m able to offer you more than I had initially planned.  (Thanks so much for your feedback via Facebook, by the way!)

Included in the upload will be both Modern Rag Dolls pictured above.  On the left, with the pink hair, we have Maura.  On the right, with the purple hair, we have Lisette.  Both dolls are patiently waiting for their dresses and holding their fabric in a not so subtle suggestion that I get to work.  Fortunately, it has been warm enough here that waiting around in just stockings really isn’t so bad.

Also included in the upload, thanks to your helpful feedback, will be a few Little Birds.  I have not offered the birds in the shop before, but they are something I am asked about quite often.  If all goes well, I may continue to offer them.  I’m not sure how many I’ll have ready to go but there will be at least a handful to choose from.

Right now in the shop, I have two Waldorf-inspired custom spots available for August and one for September.  All of my July spots are filled and believe it or not, my year as far as making custom dolls is beginning to fill up as far as how many I’m able to offer.  I won’t be offering any custom spots in November or December, so please plan accordingly.  Although the listings are made available as 18″ or 14″ dolls, I can make either size.  The end cost will differ between sizes, but the deposit will be the same.  If you want a size different than the one listed (either 14″ or 18″), please just let me know in the notes section when paying your deposit.  I’ll adjust your balance accordingly

Oh!  One more thing, I’ve joined instagram.  What fun!  Please find me there!

I think that’s all the updates I have for now.  (Phew!)  Thanks, my friends, and I hope you’ll join me in the shop on the 18th!  Have a nice weekend!


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