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Chip: A Modern Robot Rag Doll

June 5, 2015



The thought of this little guy being both robot and rag doll does make me chuckle a bit.  I’ll tell you a secret, the robot part is all a masquerade.  This guy is all squishy lovey rag doll dressed up in robot garb.  We won’t hold that against him though.  It’s important to have dreams.



Chip was created for O’s quickly approaching sixth birthday.  (Six!  Can you believe that!?!)  I can’t think of a more fitting robot for my sweet boy than one that is made for snuggling…  and sometimes for playing serious robot stuff too.  I used the fabric from a wool coat O wore as a toddler and my mama-heart just gets all spongy every time I look at him.  I can hardly believe it.  Six.  *sigh*

Unless there is considerable demand, I won’t likely offer robot rag dolls in the shop, but this guy, he was a joy to create.

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