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Spring Flowers

May 26, 2015


We don’t have a lot of flowers yet.  The lilac we planted two years ago is still quite young and and produced very few (but very lovely) blooms this year.  We have done our annual Mother’s Day foray to the greenhouse though.  So, I do have a few things to share.

How about those begonias!?!  I love begonias and these are among the most beautiful I’ve seen.  They are Rieger Begonias and it looks like I may be able to bring them inside after the Summer?  How wonderful that would be!

The children each chose a succulent to put in a small pot and keep in the house.  We have the pleasure of an enormous window in the living room, which right now only holds a violet.  Lovely as she is, some friends might be nice.

Just one of my roses made it through the Winter, the same one that survived last year, thankfully.  (Strawberry Hill for the curious.)  I actually just got out to do the pruning this past weekend, and only after threats that Lottie might do it herself.  (Ha!)  I’ve had some health issues in the last few weeks and haven’t been getting out into the garden like I normally would this time of year.  I spent a week in the hospital at the end of April and am back to the Dr. again this morning.  It’s been exhausting and kind of frustrating but hopefully I’ll be all straightened out soon.

The peonies are coming right along.  I planted some whites to go along with the pinks last year.  I can’t wait to see them bloom.  Soon, I know.

B and the children have been weeding and planting the raised beds for the veggies.  My goodness, there is a lot of weeding to be done!

What have you been up to in the garden?

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