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Mimi: A Modern Rag Doll

May 4, 2015


Oh, friends, I have a secret to tell you!  Over the past couple of months I have become absolutely enchanted by rag dolls.  I love the history, the elegant simplicity.  Please meet Mimi, the November Morning Rag Doll prototype.  She is  about 17″ tall and stuffed with cotton fiber fill.  Her face is hand-embroidered and her hair is of wool felt sewn on by hand.  Mimi has a body of woven cotton but future rag dolls will be made from a quality cotton/linen blend, dyed with black teas to create subtle skin tones.  Though quite petite throughout her body, a wide bottom and firm stuffing allows the NM Rag Doll to sit independently.

These dolls will be available ready to go in my shop soon.  For now, I am offering two “prototype” spots at a discounted price while I refine the final pattern.  The discount is not due to any deficit in quality, merely a way for me to gauge interest and hopefully gather some feedback.  Once these two spots are filled and I’ve refined the pattern, the price per doll will go up accordingly.  Grab a good deal while you can!

I hope you are as excited about these dolls as I am!  More to come soon!


PS  I’ve also added a custom spot for an 18″ waldorf-inspired doll in August.  This will be the only custom spot available in August.  Thanks!

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