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Snow, Ice and Warmth

February 18, 2015


Someday, when I write a book on love, family and handmades, I’ll open with a chapter on mittens.

I have two prominent mitten memories from childhood, one featuring each of my  parents and cold mornings before school.  In my memory of my father, I am very young and we are walking to school.  It is Fall and just starting to be cold.  Even though I am wearing gloves, my hands are cold.  After listening to me complain about the cold a few times, my father did something that I’ll never forget.  He took my gloves off my hands and held both my small hands in his.  Then he blew on them and rubbed until they were warm.  He put my gloves back on and my hands stayed warm the rest of the way to school.

Now I am a parent and take my son to school each morning.  Although we don’t wear shoes in our house, lately we bring our boots in because it has been so cold.  One night O’s were accidentally left out after a day of play.  The whole drive to school the next morning, he told me his feet were cold from his boots.  The blanket in the car did not help.  The heater did not seem to help either.  Once we were at school and O was seated in his cubby, I took one foot out of his boot, held it in both my hands and warmed it with my breath.  I put his inside shoe on and then warmed his other foot in the same manner.  Then my boy smiled at me and went into the classroom.  I smiled and thought fondly of my father.

I took these photos of my children playing with their own father a couple of weeks ago.  (We have much more snow than this now!)  When I look at these photos I see so much more than snow and ice castles.  I see warmth.  I see love.  And, of course, I see the mittens.

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  1. February 19, 2015 2:59 pm

    Nice Carrie. And those look like good thick mittens!


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