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Felt Superhero Masks

June 30, 2014


We gave mama-made felt superhero masks as party favors for O’s 5th birthday party this year.  I love to give favors that have potential for play beyond just the time spent celebrating.  Last year we gave dinosaur masks.  O & N keep theirs in our dress up basket and a year later they still see quite a bit of play.

Making these superhero masks is quick and easy.  I couldn’t find the cord to my printer (d’oh!), so I ended up drawing my template.  Drawing a template is as simple as folding a piece of paper in half, drawing one half of the mask, and then cutting it out.  Each mask has a different color felt on the front and back, so that all the masks are different.  This way, even children quite young could tell which mask was theirs.  I intentionally went for a non-specific superhero mask but there are also some great hero-specific templates available here.

Looking at the minimal shape of this mask makes me wonder about all the other dress-up options possible with these.  I’d love to hear ideas!

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