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Spring Crafting

April 15, 2014


Just a few things I’m working on for the kids’ baskets Sunday morning…

A couple of chicks for N and bluebirds for O.  I made O bluebirds a couple of years ago but the dog ate them shortly after we adopted her last year.  O was heartbroken.  I think he’ll be pleased to have some new ones.  Can you believe I still have enough of that beautiful blue yarn lying around to make more?  The pattern I use is here, except I knit a little beak on rather than using felt.

N’s hair is in such a funny place right now.  She doesn’t have enough to cut it really, but she does have enough so that it gets in her eyes sometimes.  (I don’t want to try to give her bangs.)  As this is her first experience with hair clips and the like, she can’t help but rip them out immediately after I put them in her hair.  I’m hoping that if I dress them up a bit she’ll be impressed enough to leave them be.  I used Alicia’s tutorial here and plan to just stitch the flower to the stretchy band it’s sitting on in the photo.  (Don’t worry, I’ll remove the pin.)

We also blew* and painted eggs over the weekend.  I had never done it like that before.  So much fun!  *I used my seam ripper to make the holes in the eggs.  It worked brilliantly!

What are you up to?  Any Spring crafting?


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  1. April 15, 2014 9:02 pm

    I hope we get to see the little birds! Just put the buttons on my first sweater tonight and already have the yarn ready for my next project!


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