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November 4, 2013


It’s my birthday today.  I love birthdays.  My little family is so good about making me feel extra special and letting me know how loved I am.

I’m in my 30’s now and other than the minor disasters of every day life, things are good.  So very good.  Living in a culture that perpetuates a certain amount of shame with getting older, especially for women, I’ve been thinking a little bit about what it means to “be in my 30’s”.  As a woman with (presumably) a lot of years ahead of me yet, as well as a mother and role model for my daughter, I just can’t abide by that.  When the alternative to growing older is not being at all, one would think we might cherish each year we get a bit more than the last.  I intend to do just that.

PS  I added 165 photos to this space in the last year.  I did not make it to 365, not even close.  I don’t feel that is a failure though.  In fact, I enjoyed the project so much I’ve decided to keep going, 31::365!

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