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Mama Heart

September 12, 2013


O started Montessori this week.  The transition has been smooth as can be.  I drop him off in the morning, and he walks right in the classroom without so much as a second glance at Mama.

N and I come home for a bit and just sort of run errands and wait to go back.  She asks “Where go?” and tries to get two snack bowls from the cupboard.

When we pick him up on the playground he sees us but he doesn’t come running.  We say goodbye to the chickens.  We say goodbye to his friends.  He has a sparkle of mischief in his eye.  I can tell soon we may not exit so gracefully.

I’m relieved that he’s feeling confident and safe in his new environment, but I must admit, it’s also a bit strange, unnerving even.  He now has experiences and whole parts of his day that I am not also experiencing.  He knows people that I do not know.   We talk about them at dinner and he tells us stories about his new friends and adventures.  B and I listen closely and try to ask meaningful questions.

O has started school but we’re all learning.  Learning how to let go a just little bit while still maintaining our bond.  Learning to trust a new experience and remembering our trust in our son.  It’s new.  It’s exciting.  It’s also a little unnerving sometimes.  And that’s ok.

(O keeps this “Mama Heart” in his pocket while he’s at school.  It’s stuffed with cotton, a drop of lavender, and a whole lot of love.  Truth be told, I don’t think he concerns himself with it much, but I feel better knowing it’s there should he need a little reassurance.  More on this here.)

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  1. September 6, 2015 4:59 pm

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    Reblog as I’m now making another mama heart for my baby girl. *sigh*


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