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Knitted Dinos

August 7, 2013


Hello friends,

It is my pleasure to present to you Buddy and Baby Dino.  (They’re brother and sister.)  They’ve been with us for a couple of months now and have been getting more love than this knitter mama ever expected.  Baby Dino almost never misses a diaper change and Buddy Dino spends every evening snuggling with the most special little boy.  Theirs is a good life indeed.

As any true siblings might be, Buddy and Baby Dino are knitted from the same brand but not the same blend.  They are both knitted with Peace Fleece, Baby Dino with the 85% wool/25% mohair blends and Buddy Dino with the 90% wool/10% mohair blends.  Both Dinos are slightly felted.  As Buddy Dino has a lower mohair content, he is felted a bit more and is just a tad smaller than his sister.  To allow for the felting, I knitted both dinos and then knitted the tail separately, with the stitches held on waste yarn.  Each dino had one bout in our top-loading washing machine and one quick cycle through the dryer.  They were then stuffed with wool, arms and legs attached, tummy panels sewn on, and lastly, tail grafted on using the kitchener stitch for a seamless effect.

This was such a fun project and I do believe we may see more dino friends in the near future.

A very pleased knitter mama

PS  If you have a project to share, please do!  I’d love to see what you’re working on!

Ravelry page for Baby Dino here.
Ravelry page for Buddy Dino here.

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  1. August 7, 2013 2:21 pm

    So sweet! What a delightful pair!


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