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We Planted a Tree

July 25, 2013


Or rather, B planted a tree…

I’ve been thinking lately about how strangely removed we’ve become, in our modern way, from so many truly basic parts of our daily lives.  I know many of us are thinking about this right now and we should be.  Food is probably what comes to mind first, but there are other things too, like the wool a vegan friend recently inspired me to look into.  How often do many of us even consider where the products we buy really come from, beyond the store shelf, or more often these days the box that arrives at your door?  While some of the things I discovered were truly disturbing, I feel better off for it.  The more informed we are, the better able we are to make conscious decisions about where we put not only our money but our energy.

When we first bought this house and built the raised beds in the backyard, I knew it would be a fun way to teach our children about food and plants. What I didn’t count on was the extra bit of fulfillment it would add to our everyday lives.  We’ve learned what it means to care for something and then be oh-so-richly rewarded.  What a luxury to eat a warm tomato right off the vine or to have fresh herbs at the ready, for any given supper, on any given day.  Taste is the most immediate indulgence but the experience is certainly just as important.  I know the kids enjoy the delightful mess of digging and planting and watering.  We’ve also had the pleasure of watching O teach N which blueberries are ripe and which might need a few more days, and then sharing  their delight when it’s finally time.

We’ve been doing a lot with our own two (four) (eight) hands the last few years and I’ve been feeling so grateful for each little lesson along the way.  Not every endeavor has been a success, mind you.  My first batch ever of freezer jam is far too sweet and while I’m lamenting over “wasted berries”, I’m also learning.  My mother in law (whom actually knows what she’s doing) is coming to can jam with me next week. I couldn’t be more excited.  What a skill!

There’s something truly magical about planting something green and watching it grow.  An excellent lesson for all in delayed gratification.  (I can’t wait!  Ha!)

What are you growing right now?

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  1. July 26, 2013 3:36 am

    My sentiments exactly! This pursuit all started for the children but I didn’t realize I would enjoy it just as much.


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