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Formerly Known As…

May 30, 2013


Hello and good morning!  This is the very cup of coffee I’m enjoying as I type.  Won’t you join me?

As you may have noticed, this space has had both a name change and a move!  (Goodness, I do hope you’ve noticed!)  It was my impression that the old url would remain intact for a bit of transition, but with the push of a button *poof*, unintentional as it might have been, it was gone!  All the old content is still here, albeit not without a few broken links here and there.  (Sorry about that!  If you need help finding something, please just let me know!)

I’ve been thinking about this change for some time.  When I started blogging in this format (from food blogging to personal blogging), I was a brand new mama and oh-so-intently focused on Parenting, with a capital P.  Granted, I still write about parenting, mothering, but in the last few years I, along with this space, have gained a little perspective and, I hope, a less narrow view…  This space is truly about the journey, our journey, and I’m so glad you’re all here.

And, so, the blog formerly know as Oh Baby O is now November Morning.
Welcome.  Please stay awhile.


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