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Grief & Gratitude

May 17, 2013

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about finding community and friendship among the blogging community.  Now, along with many others, I am grieving the loss of a very special person and pioneer in the online crafting community, Kathreen Ricketson.

I first “met” Kathreen a couple of years ago after reading a post she wrote waxing poetic about her darling chooks.  I immediately emailed her…  I don’t even remember what about.  Chickens, I suppose.  What I do remember is that post made me fall in love with chickens.  I still dream of some backyard chooks of our own.

Since that first email, I have had the pleasure of working with Kathreen many times guest-posting on Whip Up, as well as occasional inclusion in her newsletter.  Last year when I struggled with Post-partum Anxiety and had to back out of my commitment to guest post, Kathreen graciously responded with the kindest note, making me feel valued and comforted at a time when I was at my most vulnerable.

Although I’ve never had the honor of meeting Kathreen in person, I’ve always been grateful to know her, and I also know I’m not alone when I say with a heavy heart that we’ve lost not only a beloved member of our online community but a friend as well.

Kathreen and her partner Rob have been survived by their two young children.  A fund has been set up in their name.  Find out how you can help here.

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