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January 14, 2013


O currently has three mama-made sweaters languishing away in his closet.  He’s recently started giving some thought to his own attire, and it’s become a rare occasion that I can convince him to wear a sweater at all.  He is, however, delighted to have all the hats and mittens I can pull off my needles.  (Perhaps that is because hats and mittens are required for outdoor play right now?  Hmmm…  Yes, I think maybe.)

N is just the opposite.  Keeping hats and mittens on her is quite a challenge, but she is more than happy to snuggle into a mama-made sweater!  Funny how different siblings can sometimes be!

When I realized a couple of months ago that I had knitted (and loved the knitting of) several Baby Surprise Jackets for O but none for N, I was a bit surprised with myself.  How did that happen?  I mean, let’s be honest…  I adore the BSJ!  No matter though, I’ve made up for my slight over-sight in short time.  N now has two BSJs and I’ve once again gotten my knitterly fix (for a little while anyway).

Her favorite part of her new sweater?  The buttons, of course!

N’s first BSJ is here.

More details on this BSJ here.

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