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Halloween 2012

October 31, 2012

2012:  We’re still holding true to this perspective on Halloween. Not our favorite of holidays, we try to find a way to make it stand true to our values while not completely missing out on festivities. This year we’ve visited a local pumpkin patch, carved a pumpkin, and read many stories. This morning we’ll dress in our (mama-made) costumes and meet friends for story hour at the library. Then perhaps some pumpkin-themed baking this afternoon.

What are your plans this Halloween?

I have to be honest, I haven’t been excited about Halloween in a long long time.  Now that I have a little one of my own and have the opportunity to make this festive time about more than just candy, I’m rather delighted!

I love the idea of a Jack-O-Lantern offering light and warmth as the days grow shorter and cooler.  Last weekend, we traveled to a local farm and picked our own pumpkin.  Then we brought it home to make our Jack-O-Lantern.  O was thrilled when we dimmed the lights and showed it to him all lit up!

I also like the idea of children dressing up as characters that send a message of goodness and security to the child (and therefore encourage positive pretending and dress up in future play).

click photo for ravelry details

What, I ask you, could be more noble (or adorable) than a bumble…

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  1. October 31, 2012 11:39 am

    Halloween is sticky for us. Not only do we object to the scary and the candy, but it doesn’t fit into our religion very neatly, either. Thankfully, I have a friend who agrees and she is throwing a nice costume party for the kids that passes my tough criteria for a suitable Halloween activity! :)

    Love O’s costume, by the way. :) My girls always want to go as princesses, which gets pretty boring. Ha!

    • October 31, 2012 2:14 pm

      We have a friend that threw a party last year. It was a great alternative.
      Story hour this morning was fabulous! They carved a pumpkin, the kids did a little parade around the library, had a little snack, and read some stories. I was quite pleased with the wholesomeness of it all :)
      I have some other friends that struggle with Halloween and religion. I imagine it would be very difficult. I’m glad you’ve found a solution!
      (And thanks on O’s costume!)♥
      Now I’m off to bake Autumn themed cookies with O! :)


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