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Screen Free Week 2012

April 29, 2012

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s Screen Free Week begins tomorrow.  Participation won’t change daily life around here much.  We are already screen-free most of the time.  The computer is very nearly our only screen.  (We have one laptop that B and I share.)  We do not have cable.  We do not have game consols, Ipads, fancy cell phones, or any other such devices.  We do have a television but it is not in our living room and is only used for movies (mostly by me and B).  To tell you the truth, Screen Free Week is going to be more difficult for mama than anyone else!

Going completely screen-free is not a realistic goal for us, so we have made some exceptions.  We’ve decided that we will not use screens (television or computer) for entertainment purposes, but we will allow ourselves to use the computer for work and banking purposes.  Do you want to know a secret?  I’m excited!  I’m anticipating what will hopefully be some extra knitting time!  I do believe B is looking forward to a couple of board games.  Ticket to Ride, anyone?

As far as our Buddhism for Mothers read-along, I’m considering writing a post tonight and scheduling it to go live tomorrow morning.  That feels off, though, since I would not be around to read or respond to comments.  I think it might be best to cover both chapters 3 and 4 next week.

For tonight, I’m going to snuggle up in a cozy chair, grab a pint of ice cream, and watch the latest episode of Fringe.  (Love Fringe!)  See you next week!

Is your family participating in Screen Free Week?  Do you have any special activities planned?

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  1. April 29, 2012 8:35 pm

    We aren’t doing the week, but we have “electronics-free day” every Saturday. I love taking a weekly break from all the gadgets and entertainments. We don’t have a tv, but we watch movies on our computer about once a week, and we don’t have video game consoles, but we have an iPad with games on it. It is important to take a break and remember what life looks like. :)

  2. affectioknit permalink
    April 30, 2012 3:07 pm

    We’re not…but definitely thinking that we need to go fly a kite soon…all of tv watching is mindful and together though…

    Have a lovely day!


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