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New Baby Knits

February 13, 2012

The postpartum time I recently spent hospitalized rather than with my family was quite a struggle to say the least.  While I knew I had to be there to take care of my own health, the separation from my baby felt so unnatural I could hardly stand it.

So, I knitted.  (I also pumped.)  If I couldn’t be with Baby N, it helped to at least feel like I was still doing something for her, caring for her somehow.

click photo for ravelry details

Born at just over 9 pounds, newborn longies fit Baby N for about 3 minutes.  Mama whipped up two pairs of size smalls (with ruffled cuffs!) and they fit perfectly.  After all, a winter baby most certainly should have plenty of wool pants to keep her cozy warm!

PS  I’ve received so many kind emails, messages, notes, etc. in the last couple of weeks.  If I’ve been slow to reply, please forgive me.  My time on the computer is not plentiful but I do very much appreciate the time each of you has taken to think of us or send a heart-felt note this way.  Thank you.

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