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Review: Wilton

August 24, 2011

Remember these cupcakes???

 These are the cupcakes from O’s first birthday party!

Looking back on planning O’s first birthday, I remember what a fuss I made over the cupcakes.  I wanted the cupcakes to be just perfect.  You see, I love to bake and for my boy’s first birthday, I was prepared to bake my heart out!  (And I did.)

Whenever I think of baking and decorating supplies, I think of Wilton.  In making O’s first birthday cupcakes, I used Wilton cupcake baking cups, decorating tips/bags, royal icing decorations, tiered cupcake stand, and even the Wilton recipe for buttercream.  The products I used definitely stood up to their good name.  I didn’t even have a decorating bag blow-out, which is saying a lot!  I loved using Wilton decorating tips and they have since become my most used tips!

The royal icing decorations are great for appearances and although they are edible, they are quite hard.  I prefer to just remove them before eating the cupcakes.  The tiered cupcake stand was great and I really enjoyed having a fun way to display the cupcakes.  We did lose a couple of cupcakes to a fallen demise off the very top tier but once I learned to be mindful of this and not try to move the cupcake stand after it was full of cupcakes (ahem…), it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Oh, and the Wilton buttercream recipe?  It’s an all time favorite in this family!

Do you have a favorite buttercream recipe?

P.S.  More on the cupcakes can be found here.

Disclosure:  Please note, although an honest review, this review is based on free product samples provided to the author.  No other compensation has been received for this review.

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