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Summer Woollies

July 18, 2011

Summer is in full swing in this part of the world and lately, it has been nothing but hot and humid.  While wool diaper covers are lovely all year ’round, a board-shorts length feels most fitting for the temperatures we’ve had the past couple of weeks.

click photo for ravelry details and modifications

The main colorway for these little shorties is Mosaic Moon’s Goblin.  I had just under a skein and used every bit.  (I didn’t even have enough left over for a contrasting tie at the waist!)  One trick I’ve learned when working with just enough of a particular colorway is to weigh and split my yarn into two equal balls after I divide for the legs.  That way, I know I have the exact same amount of main colorway for each leg, making it much easier to decide on inseam and cuff length.  These shorties have an inseam of 5″ (including cuff) and are a perfect “board-shorts” length, falling about an inch or so below O’s knee.

What are some little tricks you have learned for stretching yarn when you have “just enough”?

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