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An EZ Sweater

March 30, 2011

Oh, that Elizabeth Zimmermann….  Her oh-so-practical approach to “unventing” the art of knitting is as charming as it is brilliant.  I find so much freedom in knitting an Elizabeth Zimmermann garment.  Her be the boss of your own knitting attitude makes me feel at ease using pithy instructions that do not care to dwell on the particulars.

click photo for ravelry details

So, after having knitted approximately 4,372 Baby Surprise Jackets (alright, I’m exaggerating…), I now feel confident enough to embark on a new knitting adventure using EZ’s Percentage System.  The beautiful blue wool you see above will soon be a lovely Spring sweater for my sweet boy.  I’ve made a guage swatch, done some math, and boldly cast on.
Who needs line by line instructions?  Not me!

Any other EZ fans out there?

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