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Review & Discount: Boba Organic

January 18, 2011

During the course of our babywearing, our family has tried many carriers of all different styles.  We have certainly avoided any carrier known to be unsafe, but we’ve also made it a point to avoid any carriers we felt would be less than optimal.

One thing we look for when deciding whether or not a particular carrier will work for our family is support.  Wearer support is important, sure, but support for the child being carried is equally if not more important (and, perhaps, often overlooked).  Head support for smaller babes is clearly a factor to be taken into consideration.  Another thing to look for that may not be as obvious is proper hip and spine support.  Many of the soft-structured carriers on the market do not, in my opinion, offer enough hip and spine support for the child being carried.  It is because of this that B and I have avoided soft-structured carriers.  Until now.

The Boba Carrier is a soft-structured carrier that offers amazing support not only to the wearer but leg, hip, and spine support to the child being worn as well!  Hooray!  The bottom of the carrier body is nice and wide, enveloping your child’s entire back and spreading out under his knees.  Once the child is older and taller, the Boba offers footstraps to continue keeping knees up and even with hips.  No dangling here!

The Boba Carrier offers both an Organic and Classic collection.  We received the Boba Organic in Chestnut for review and have been very pleased with our experience.  The Classic collection does offer a few more color choices, but I’d say for a mere $18 price difference, Organic is the way to go!

Would you like to try a Boba Carrier for your family?

Then generous folks at Boba are offering a discount to all Oh Baby O readers!

Simply use the code OhBaby10 to receive 10% off your purchase now through 2/28/2011!

Disclosure:  Please note, although an honest review, this review is based on free product samples provided to the author.  No other compensation has been received for this review.

Thank you to Boba for their help during our review process.

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