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Holiday Cards with Shutterfly

November 18, 2010

Every year around this time, I begin excitedly checking the mail every single day in the hopes of receiving tidings of love and joy.  When holiday cards do begin to arrive, I proudly and affectionately display them until mid-January.  I love the warm feeling I get every time I look at them!

B and I send A LOT of cards between the months of November and January.  We usually purchase our holiday cards, but I truly would love to send something just a bit more special, something with a more personal touch.  When I was a kid, we made most of our holiday cards.  Since I do not yet have an army of little elves like my mother, I’ve been looking for an alternative.  Holiday cards with Shutterfly is a great way to get that personal touch without trying to find time to hand-craft each and every greeting.  (Not that hand-crafting each one is a bad thing; it’s just a time-intensive thing!)

After perusing the Shutterfly selection of holiday greetings, I’ve started to narrow it down to a few favorites:

Luckily for us, Shutterfly is currently hosting  a program with bloggers.  Simply post to spread the word about their services and receive 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly!  Great, right?  We’re participating for sure!

What are your holiday greeting traditions?

Disclosure:  Just to be quite clear, this post is participating in the 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly for bloggers promotion.  Click here for more info.

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