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WIP Wednesday: Finished Blueberry Vanilla Soaker

July 28, 2010

I first presented this soaker to you lovely readers a couple of weeks ago.  I loved it then, and I love it still!

click for ravelry details

I knit the medium and it turned out a bit big for O.  Rather than wait (wait?  ha!) for him to grow into it, I decided to felt it just a bit.  Now, not only does it fit, but it’s squishy soft and practically bullet-proof.  No leaks or blow-outs here!  Love Love Love!

click for ravelry details

In case you’re questioning my choice of wool in the summertime, fear not.  Wool is actually a very good choice for warm weather.  It is certainly more breathable than PUL cloth diapers (and definitely more so than disposables).  Wool is also naturally antimicrobial.  Baby O wears this soaker sans pants* and they act just as a little pair of wooly shorts.  Very cute!

Do you have a favorite soaker/longie pattern for your little one?

*O has decided he no longer requires pants!  Mama puts them on and baby takes them off… and so on…  Pretty cute but not terribly polite!

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  1. Shanea permalink
    August 4, 2010 2:23 pm

    Adorable! Learning to knit is on the One-Day Plan.


  1. Vanilla Ruffle Soaker «


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