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Review: Little Tumblers Table Toppers

June 21, 2010

Even before Baby O began learning to stand and pulling himself up on our furniture, B and I knew our coffee table would be a concern.  Since the table sits in the center of our living room and is perfect toddler(!) height, it is naturally Baby O’s favorite thing to steady himself while he’s learning to walk.  The problem with this is that the corners and edges of the table make his parents a bit nervous!

We all have seen the usual table safety items, including products that I can only really describe as bumper pads.  B and I were not satisfied with anything we found initially because not only were the products unattractive, they didn’t seem to be very effective either.  You know those bumper pads generally just fall off the table and render themselves completely useless anyway!  After spending some time online looking for an alternative, I found Little Tumblers Table ToppersExactly the kind of thing we had been looking for!

Little Tumblers Table Toppers protect your fledgling walkers while still keeping aesthetics in mind.  The topper covers the entire top of your table giving it more of an ottoman look.  I love the way it adds a soft cozy element to our living room while protecting Baby O from table edges and corners all the while.  The topper is a double-sided durable fleece, giving you options when deciding on the look of your room.  The toppers come in two sizes but custom-made sizes are also available, so you can be sure to always get a perfect fit.

I would say this product has been one of our more indispensable baby items for sure!  We love it!  Our particular topper is a custom-made chocolate brown and camel.  B and I have both been quite impressed with the fit!  In fact, it fits so well that it appears to be a part of the table rather than just a cover.  Another thing I like about this product is how easy it is to care for.  If it gets messy, as things sometimes can with a little one running around, I just throw it in the wash with the towels and then it comes out good as new!  Most of all, I’m very pleased to say that Baby O has not once suffered any bumps or bruises from the table!

To find out more about Little Tumblers or to find a topper of your own, visit the Little Tumblers Table Toppers website.

Thank you to Katy of Little Tumblers for all of her help during our review process.

Disclosure:  Please note, although an honest review, this review is based on free product samples provided to the author.  No other compensation has been received for this review.

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