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WIP Wednesday: Summer Knitting

May 5, 2010

I realize as I’m sitting down this morning to type this, I have my knitting all queued up until fall… or really, until the end of the year.  At this time last year, I was pregnant (so pregnant!) and knitting holiday gifts that I knew I wouldn’t have time for after the baby came.  This year, I have a little more time, but no plans for holiday knitting other than for my own little family.  Surely, no one will begrudge me that!  :)

So, here’s the list:

  1. Baby O’s Birthday Vest:
    pattern:  Milo
    yarn:  Knit Picks Organic Cotton Sport in Malted Milk
  2. Papa’s Solstice Sweater
    pattern:  Seamless Hybrid
    yarn:  Peace Fleece Worsted in Kalinka Malinka Blue
  3. Baby O’s Autumn BSJ with Tomten Hood
    pattern:  EZ mesh
    yarn:  Peace Fleece Anna’s Grasshopper for body
    Peace Fleece Father’s Gray for cuffs, button band, and hood
    buttons:  Peace Fleece button in Garden
  4. Mama’s February Lady Sweater
    pattern:  February Lady Sweater
    yarn:  Peace Fleece Worsted in Chickie Masla
    buttons:  Peace Fleece Purple Pollywog or Red Daisy, to be decided…
  5. Various knitting detours for Baby G due this September!

I finished the Paprika Pilot Cap last night (and taught myself to knit i-cord!  Woot!), but my camera needs to be charged.  So, perhaps a photo next week?  It turned out adorable and should fit perfectly this fall!  My Shalom Cardi is still in progress, but slow going.  I’ve found that I don’t enjoy purling through the back loops.  I’m still deciding whether to just stick with it (it’s only the yoke after all), or start again with a regular rib.  What do you think?


PS  That was a lot of rambling and a whole lot of links…  If you’re still reading at this point, a high five to you!  ;)



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