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Serendipity Sweater

January 28, 2010

Serendipity~  a happy accident

Remember this baby sweater?  Well, not so long after that post was written, B did Baby O’s laundry… and threw this 100% wool sweater in the washing machine as well as the dryer.  *Accident*  When I took the sweater out of the dryer, it had felted beautifully!  *Happy*  It is now squishy soft and fits better than ever.  In fact, I’m so pleased with this happy accident, I think I may felt some BSJs accidentally on purpose for a couple of new babies due to arrive this summer and fall.

As I’ve said before, I love Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket pattern!  It’s just perfect.  This second BSJ is a cotton and silk blend made on size 6 circulars.  Mmmm…  Delicious!

I’ve heard remarks about particular parts of this pattern being out-dated or bothersome, but I find them to be the best parts!  The shorter sleeves are great because I’m always rolling O’s sleeves up anyway.  I also really appreciate the extra fullness in the back to accommodate cloth diapers.  I do prefer to do four buttons instead of five, leaving the bottom button off altogether, to allow for greater baby mobility.

I love knitting for Baby O.  Every time he wears something I’ve made him, I feel as though he’s getting a warm snuggly hug from mama all day long.

I’m using the remainder of the yarn used for this second sweater to make a super soft cowl for mama.

Cowl pattern can be found here (free).  Ohhh yeahhhh…

*Click photos for project details on Ravelry.

PS  Keep watching those Inspiration links in the right sidebar.  They’ll be changing regularly!



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