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When Baby Refuses to Be Spoon-Fed

January 26, 2010

…perhaps it’s time for finger food.

Then again, maybe he’s just teething.

Or maybe it’s both.

We started Baby O on purees at just about six months, when he was showing all the “signs” of being ready.  At first, it went great and he loved the new experience with tastes and textures.
Then one day, he decided he was done!  He clamped his mouth shut, turned his head, and pushed the spoon away.  Pretty clear body language, I’d say!

I know toddlers often become picky for a bit and I know about nursing strikes, but I had never heard of a baby going on a “solids strike”.  After a couple of phone calls to the pediatrician’s office and listening to some stories from other mamas, we came to two conclusions…

1)  Maybe he’s just expressing his independence and it’s time for some finger foods.
2)  Maybe he’s teething.
It turned out to be option #3)  Both.

So now Baby O is living on a steady diet of well-cooked sliced foods and mushy fruits and veggies (and tofu!), but he still gets most of his calories and nutrition from mama’s milk… and that’s as it should be.  He’s also sprouted his very first tooth!  Woot!  We have a brand new food mill that has turned out to be useless to us, but we’re ok with that*.  :-)

*It seems we have instinctively adapted a Baby Led Weaning style approach.

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  1. January 27, 2010 10:04 am

    Woot, Woot!


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