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Baby O’s First Holiday Sweater

December 4, 2009

… and it’s a BSJ!

Please pardon the terrible quick photo!

This is the Baby Surprise Jacket I recently finished for Baby O to wear on Thanksgiving.  I love love love this pattern and have already started another one using a Misiti pima cotton silk blend for him to wear on Christmas.  This took me a couple of weeks the first time around, but I’ve only been working on the second one a week or so and am nearly half way through.  This pattern was written by the amazing Elizabeth Zimmermann in 1968.  I love the vintage look, especially with the wood buttons!  The pattern is very intuitive, which works for me.  I added a row of k2tog, m1 near the bottom and finished the sleeves/edges with a single crochet.  I love being able to both knit and crochet!  Being able to do both gives one so many more design options.

Some other patterns I love are:

Bev’s Very Easy Newborn Booties–  I can make a pair of these in about a 1/2 hour.  I used this pattern over and over with different hooks and yarns until Baby O got too big for me to make it work anymore.

Cardigan Sweater for Babies–  This is another one I’ve made over and over again for Baby O and for shower gifts.  This is a simple pattern that easily lends itself to modifications.

Quickie Cowl–  I’ve made a couple of these for gifts.  I adore this pattern and hope to make one for myself sometime.  The pattern sequence is easy to memorize and knits up beautifully.

Asherton Reversible Scarf–  I like to do a short version of this scarf and then stitch it up into a cowl.  Gorgeous!  Plus, Marie is a fabulously nice lady!

Convertible Mittens/Fingerless Gloves–  I’ve made the men’s medium several times and they fit every time!  These are very warm and simple to make.  The site also offers a pattern for women!

Bubbles Baby Blanket–  This is another one I’ve made several times.  I’ve experimented with many different yarns and hook sizes, and have gotten great results every time.

So, what are you crafting these days?

Aside from the BSJ, all of these patterns are generously offered for free by their authors.  Please respect this generosity by reading and respecting appropriate copyrights.



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