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Pumping I: Lansinoh Review & Give-Away

September 14, 2009

If you’ve read previous posts or my intro, you may know that I am an EPer (exclusive pumper).  This means Baby O is exclusively fed breast milk, but he gets it from a bottle.  (For more background, please read this post.)  Needless to say, I have a lot of experience pumping and storing breast milk!
Exclusive pumping is a lot of work.  In many ways it is like taking all the commitment of breastfeeding and all the work of bottle feeding and wrapping it all into one!  It isn’t all bad though!

Some pluses of EPing include:

  • I can see how much my baby is eating.  (My personality would lead me to constant worry over whether an EBF baby was getting enough.)
  • Baby O still eats only breast milk, reaping all it’s benefits.
  • Other people can feed Baby O.  I sleep all night long while my husband gets up with the baby (usually just once in the am).
  • I don’t have to worry about trying to breastfeed in public.  Although I believe firmly that nursing women should do so whenever and where ever they please, I’m quite shy.

Some of the tough things about EPing include:

  • There are days I feel chained to the pump, like I’m living life in 2-3 hour increments.  Oy.
  • All the washing and sterilizing of pump parts and bottle parts.
  • Figuring out where, how, and when I will pump when we go out.
  • I usually end up in bed an hour later than the rest of my family due to my pumping schedule.
  • People assume I’m bottle feeding my baby formula and give me looks and/or make snarky comments.  This really bothers me for two reasons:  1.  It is not nice to make assumptions and judgments based on those assumptions.  2.  Formula is not poison.  We all need to feed our babies and no one should be made to feel bad over how they feed their baby.  The end.  I will not debate this.

Although breastfeeding and EPing have been a bit of a struggle for us, Baby O and I are getting things figured out and these days it really isn’t so bad.  It definitely helps to have found some great products along the way.  Recently, I received a rather large package from Lansinoh.  In the package there was  a Lansinoh manual breast pump (whoa!), a package of Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, Lansinoh breast milk storage bags and some Lansinoh lanolin.

When I got pregnant and the kind people around me started sending gifts, I received four tubes of Lansinoh lanolin.  At first I thought the tubes to be a strangely personal gift to give someone!  Then I gave birth to Baby O, and I understood!
During the first few weeks of attempting to breastfeed exclusively and then turning to pumping, things got sore to say the least!  All these gifts of Lansinoh lanolin suddenly didn’t seem so strange after all.  On the contrary, I was rather impressed at all the incredibly considerate women in my life!  I started using the lanolin after every time I pumped or tried to breast feed.  Relief!
I’ve also found some other great uses for lanolin, including relief of chapped lips, dry hands/feet, and lanolizing wool diaper covers (future post in the Cloth series).

Lansinoh lanolin is 100% pure lanolin.  It is free of additives and preservatives, is safe for baby, and does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding.

Want to try a tube of Lansinoh lanolin for yourself (or as a gift for a new mom)?  You can!
Here’s how to enter (required entry):

  • Tell me your best breastfeeding and/or pumping advice, tip, or trick.

Other optional ways to enter include:

Be sure to leave a valid email address when entering your comment.  Winner to receive one 2 oz. tube of Lansinoh lanolin will be chosen in two weeks (Sept. 28th).  Good Luck!

Next in our Pumping II post:  a traveling while pumping how-to, including reviews of Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags, and the Lansinoh manual breast pump!

Disclosure:  Please note, although an honest review, this review is based on free product samples provided to the author.

  1. September 21, 2009 2:50 am

    My best advice is a boppy. It wasn’t needed as much when I had my son but my daughter was a c-section and the pillow was a life saver/breastfeeding savior. Also surround yourself with positive breastfeeding people not people that tell you its wrong or ask when you will stop doing it, the support of the positive people help you go on as long as you want/need

    • September 22, 2009 9:06 am

      Right on, Justine! We’ve found our Boppy to be great for bottle-feeding as well. We also use it during tummy time and for supporting Baby O while he learns to sit up. Great product! :)
      I’m also with you on the surrounding yourself with positive people. Sometimes I wonder if I would be EPing if I had more immediate support when Baby O was born (unplanned c-section due to CPD). No one came in to attempt to help us with the breastfeeding for a couple of hours; I didn’t even get to hold him for an hour or so after he was born. I know that is crucial time… :(

  2. September 21, 2009 2:52 am

    I learned that “Breastfeeding draws the tongue out past the baby’s lower gum line. So, if they bite down “while” breastfeeding they would also be biting their tongue.” I didn’t think of that, so I think when my daughter does it its more of a pinch then a real bite.

  3. September 21, 2009 2:53 am

    I subscribe to Oh Baby O email

  4. September 21, 2009 2:53 am

    Oh baby O facebook fan

  5. Ginger permalink
    September 25, 2009 2:19 pm

    My best advice is nurse in a quiet place as your baby gets older. Mine seems to get VERY distracted when there’s lots of noises.

  6. Ginger permalink
    September 25, 2009 2:22 pm

    I learned from their website that I can store breastmilk at room temperature ideally for 4 hours, but up to 6 hours. I actually thought it was only 2 or 3.

  7. Beth permalink
    September 25, 2009 8:59 pm

    Fenugreek is an herb that can help with milk production but it makes your sweat smell a little like maple syrup!


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