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Plan Toys: Green Toy Green Company

August 16, 2009

Baby O is teething (Already!) and naturally this means that he is sticking everything in his mouth!  Being the concerned parent I am, I began searching for toys that would be safe for my baby as well as eco-friendly.  My search led me to Plan Toys.


Plan toys is a socially and environmentally conscious private enterprise specializing in toys that are safe, green, and educational.  They have toys specifically designed to meet your child’s developmental needs at each stage of growth, as well as toys designed for children with special needs.

While I was excited to find a company working to stimulate my baby‘s mind, I was also especially excited to learn that those same toys would be safe for my teething boy to gnaw on.  Plan toys are made with kiln dried replenishable chemical-free rubberwood, glued with E-Zero Glue, and dyed with non-toxic (no lead or heavy metals) water-based dyes.  Their printed materials are printed with soy and water based inks.  Plan Toys also uses recylced materials in the making of their products.  So go on Baby O, teeth away!

Just in case you’re worried about the trees used in the making of Plan Toys, fear not!  Being the green company they are, Plan Toys works actively to restore balance and reduce global warming through their ongoing reforestation program.  Machinery used to kiln dry wood and finished toys is run by solar energy and low-emission biofuels.  A biomass steam turbine generator is currently in the developmental phase.  They also reach out to the surrounding community with a children’s museum and a community club.

Browse the Plan Toys Catalog here:

Read more about Plan Toys green practices here:

Read more about childhood development and appropriate toys here:

Read tips on how to help your child develop through play here:

Become a fan of Plan Toys on Facebook here:

Coming Soon:  Review and Give-Away of Plan Toys Baby!

Disclosure:  Please note, although an honest review, this review is based on free product samples provided to the author.



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