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Ode to the Moby

August 14, 2009

Moby!  Oh dear sweet sweet Moby…

One thing I was looking forward to while pregnant was wearing my baby.  I researched slings like a madwoman and printed out multiple patterns for a creation of my very own.  Yep.  I’ve yet to even buy fabric for that creation!  How to find the time now…

Before O was born, we were given a sling.  I was very excited about the sling and tried it when O was just a few days old.  No dice.


Enter the Moby Wrap.  *sigh*  When I took the wrap out of the packaging that first time, I felt like a magician unraveling a scarf.  I thought “uh oh”.  I won’t lie, I was a little intimidated.  After I tied the wrap on (not so hard after all) and put O in, I knew we had a winner.  He snuggled up and passed out immediately.  :)  It was enough to make any mama’s heart melt.  So sweet.  Some other bonuses were that we could choose to either tuck his little legs in or let them hang loose.  He usually prefers to have them out, unless he’s extra sleepy.  The wrap distributes his weight across my shoulders and back allowing me to carry him for a couple of hours before I begin to feel it.  Another thing that I really like is that when he’s asleep I can tuck his head in where he’ll be safely supported against my chest.  I usually wear Baby O in the Hug Hold.

I can get a lot done with O in the Moby.  I can do dishes, fold laundry, take the dog out, even make the bed (all with safety precautions, of course!).  It’s great on the go too.  It’s far more convenient than a stroller because it’s a lot less to lug around and he stays much more calm in the Moby than a stroller.  Also strangers don’t usually try to touch an infant that’s strapped tightly to your chest!  ;)

Other bonuses of babywearing are:

  • All that close contact with mama is good for baby’s sense of security and self-esteem.
  • Baby spends more time in a quiet alert state, great for learning and development.
  • Excellent way to provide Kangaroo Care for premature or ill infants.
  • Helps mothers struggling with post-partum depression.
  • Useful for breastfeeding discreetly.
  • You get to be in a super snuggle with your baby!

Now I’m looking for another carrier for when he gets a little bigger, maybe a pouch carrier?  The Moby should be great then as well; I’d just like to know what else is out there.  I’d love to hear any suggestions!  Also, if anyone would like to send me one to test/review, I’d be more than happy to do so!

More information on babywearing can be found at The Babywearer.

Coming Soon:  Reviews & Give-Aways for:

  • Lansinoh Breastfeeding Products
  • Plan Toys

Please Note:  This is not a paid endorsement.  I really just love my Moby!

Always be sure to use common sense as well as review safety precautions before using any baby carrier.

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  1. Melissa permalink
    August 17, 2009 10:18 pm

    I’m definitly going to check out that wrap!! I use a front carrier but I need something I can use around the house. It’s hard to nurse or really do anything at home when he’s in the carrier.

    • August 18, 2009 8:36 am

      Do it Melissa! It will make life so much easier! I use ours around the house everyday. :) It comes with excellent instructions, including a way to hold for nursing. Plus you look super cool when you’re wearing him this way out in the world. Everyone always thinks I’ve engineered something terribly impressive to carry my baby in. I get a lot of questions. It’s fun!

  2. Melanie C. permalink
    August 27, 2009 12:02 am

    I just got an Ergo last week and tried nursing in it today while shopping at Target…LOVE IT! Baby was descreetly eating away while I shopped with both hands. No one even knew what she was doing in there! :) (not that I really would have cared)


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