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Intro: Oh Baby O!

August 1, 2009

This is a mommy blog.

When I found out my husband and I were going to have a baby, I got ready!  I sought what I felt would be the best prenatal care with an excellent midwife, read a small library of books, prepared the nursery, took amazing care of myself, ate well, rested, did yoga, practiced hypnotbirthing…  I was prepared for my baby, so prepared.  I was not prepared, however, for the way I would feel after the birth.  The way I would feel when everything went “wrong”.  I believed to the very core of my being that everything I worked for would happen just the way I envisioned it simply because I believed it.  It didn’t.

I did not expect to reach 43 weeks of pregnancy and have a hospital induction.  I did not expect the have a scarred cervix that would refuse to dilate for the better part of three days.  Even after 43 weeks of pregnancy I did not expect a 9 lb, 6 oz baby or CPD or a c-section.  I was so convinced I would be having a med-free natural water birth that I only skimmed those other sections in my pregnancy books.  I also did not expect to be unable to breastfeed directly.

I did not expect my perfect pregnancy to have such a dramatic climax.  I believed wholeheartedly that all the things I worked so hard for would come to fruition.  I only wanted the very best experience for my baby, myself, and my husband.

I still do but now I’m a little more wary, sometimes I feel a little disenchanted with the whole birth experience.  Now I’m learning to look at myself with a little compassion.  I’m learning that though things did not go as expected (or hoped for), it’s ok.  My baby is perfect.

This is our journey.

©Carrie L McClain

Now a little more about me:  My husband, B, and I were married in June of 2007 and our baby, O, was born in June of 2009.  We are natural parenting folks modifying as needed to suit our family.  I’m WAHMing it up so that I can be home with  baby O.  I have an Etsy shop for handmade baby items opening soon.   My hope for this blog is that visitors will find someone to relate to, some support, maybe a little humor.  I’m also planning to add product reviews and recommendations for other parenting resouces.

I subscribe to a few “mommy blogs”.  Throughout my pregnancy it was helpful to find people I could relate to, women going through the same things and feeling some of the same things I was.  Since our dramatic birth I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions, many of which have been completely unexpected because I was totally unprepared to deal with our unforeseen circumstances.  I can’t be the only one.  We’re all just trying to do the best we can, right?

I’ve started by adding some posts from an old blog that I thought would suit this one as well.  I’ll also add some things I wrote shortly after O’s birth.  I email myself many of my thoughts rather than journaling them since I type much faster than I write.  New mamas don’t have time to sip tea and slowly pen their memoirs!   Blogging is beautiful.

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  1. August 7, 2009 3:13 pm

    It was a perfect pregnancy. He is a perfect son. The five days spent in the hospital at 43 weeks were definitely not what we expected. When the contractions don’t come, when the hypnobirthing is only being used to keep calm, when the hands and knees, breathing down, frequent visits to the midwife, teas, and waiting it out aren’t making progress, there really isn’t any other choice but to get the baby out as safely as possible. For that very small percentages of people who try to avoid hospital inductions, but still need them regardless of the amount of effort put into avoiding it, my wife is reaching out. During those five days in the hospital I have never seen such determination, strength, or selflessness as what Carrie embodied. I strongly support what she is doing on this blog as well as believe that it is a rightful service to others.

    I love you sweetie!


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