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Handmade Items for Baby O

May 24, 2009

Silk and wool booties.
Pattern here (rav link).

These are the same pattern as the gray ones.
There is a sweater to match!

Organic cotton.  Delicious!
Did I mention this is my favorite bootie pattern?
Sweater to match.

Sweater to match booties.
Pattern can be found here (rav link).
(Buttons have been added since taking photo.)

Same pattern as blue sweater.
(Buttons again added since photo.)
I don’t actually like this sweater much.  It doesn’t feel like spring at all.

Organic cotton sweater to match booties.
Same pattern as other sweaters.
Quick, super duper easy,and best shape I’ve found.

A few notes:

  • Although I’ve used the same patterns over and over, each sweater and set of booties is a different size and weight.  I switched it up by using different yarns/hook sizes.  For example, the blue sweater/booties are the smallest with a worsted weight yarn and I believe a G hook.  The organic cotton booties/sweater are the largest (I’d say 6 mo.) with an aran weight yarn and an H hook.
  • As you can see, the texture of the blue and green sweaters are different than the cotton sweater even though I used the same pattern.  I did this by working in the back loops only (just in the body).  
  • Most of the patterns are followed rather loosely.

Lastly, here’s a blanket:

(Terrible photo that doesn’t do it justice.)
This is the same pattern as the blanket here.
I used a K hook and worsted weight yarn on this one.
The edge is just two rows of single crochet.

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