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April 28, 2009

So here we are, about 36 weeks along:


Let me tell you a story about my day that is just too ridiculous not to share. I had an appointment at 11am this morning. I was just about finished getting around at 10:30am or so. I thought I’d take the dog out real quick before I finished pulling myself together. Out the back door we go and WHAM, the door slams shut behind us, deadbolt and all.
I’m 36 weeks pregnant, barefoot, I have to pee, and my dog is a 7 lb pomeranian that may or may not decide to run down the street while he’s following me around the house watching me try to figure out how to get back in. I go to the front door only to discover that it is also locked, and finally decide I’m going to have to climb in through our bedroom window. Awesome.
Now I really really have to pee! So I climb over a huge planter box that B has built with no hope of moving it out of my way. Luckily I’m able to open the screen from the outside, move the fan, and yes, climb through the window with all 36 weeks of baby fully intact and unharmed.
Then I manage to still make it to my appointment on time. The place is absolute madness with only one poor woman performing the service I happen to be there for. In her frazzled state she manages to skip over me not once, but twice. So I sat there patiently and politely (because I realize the place is a madhouse and she is just one person) for 45 minutes in an awful hot stuffy room while my Sigg bottle sat boiling my water out in the car.
Finally a couple of hours after this whole fiasco started, I return home hot, thirsty, frustrated, and starving… I mean, really? C’mon!

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