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An Abundance of Booties

August 28, 2008

My oh my… Ever since Baby I came into this world, I don’t seem to be able to stop with the booties! I’ve made three pairs so far and am fighting myself not to make a fourth. Just so I don’t seem quite so crazy, I think it’s important that you know each pair is a different size.

This is the second pair I made, some faux mary janes:

I found this pattern through Ravelry (my new favorite place)!

These are the third booties:

This pattern was also found on Ravelry. These booties are by far my favorite. They were also the easiest pattern. They came together in about a half an hour. Not only do I think they are the cutest yet, I love this yarn! These booties are made with wheat 772 and I just picked up a skein of vintage 775 the other day. I’m currently knitting a wash cloth with the vintage and fighting the urge to make another pair of booties.

There is also the plan for a quilt in the works, and I’ve been making bags to sell at local shops (on consignment); wish me luck!

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