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O the Bear

July 29, 2008

Oh dear.
I finished “Scott the Bear” last night.
The thing is, I can’t tell if he is completely pathetic looking or absolutely adorable!

For some reason, B just loves the bear! I was going to send it as a gift when my sister in law’s baby is born, but I think we may keep this guy and send her another.

The pattern is very easy to follow and it works up in no time. The most difficult part is stitching the bear together (notice he is a little umm… crooked).

(Follow link above to the pattern.)

…we have named him Oliona…

Also in yarn-related news, I recently discovered a site called Ravelry, a knitting and crocheting community. I have requested to join (a couple of days ago now) and am eagerly awaiting my (hopeful) invite!

We had an art festival here last weekend and the ladies from one of the little shops downtown were spinning their own yarn! I about died! It was incredible; I could have stood there and watched them all day. The yarn looked and felt amazing!

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